Gardening expert on five key 'design elements' to transform your garden in 2023

With Spring just around the corner, now’s a good time for gardening Britons to spend time planning their outside space for the year ahead. Here Chris Bonnett from explains the things gardeners need to consider and factor in when giving their garden a new look.

Unlike decorating a room in your house, redoing the garden isn’t simply about adding a coat of paint and a few soft furnishings.

It takes time to plan, work out what needs doing when, determine how to bring the new look in on a budget and design a space suitable for the soil conditions and sunlight in your garden.

So where do you start? There are a few garden design elements worth thinking about to help you create a garden for 2023.

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The colour you choose for your garden design scheme will influence the flowers and foliage you select and the materials to create your look.

And the look you’re going for will help you decide on the colour and plants. A cottage garden is all about the colour – there are no rules – so you can plant almost anything.

Contemporary and modern gardens tend to be dominated by structural, green foliage.


The texture of plants and hard landscaping materials is another element to factor into your garden design.

Think about how you’d feel your way around the garden. Hard landscaping materials alongside soft planting can create an interesting contrast.

This can be done in the smallest of ways – slate chippings in colourful pots are a great way to start and see if it works in your garden.

Sound and movement

Consider incorporating sound and movement into your space. The gentle trickle of a water feature can be very relaxing, as can the rustling of leaves and foliage.

Garden Designer Nick Wood from Gardening Express has created a guide on garden design principles, you can find more information here.