Love Island's Aaron Waters' ex-girlfriend breaks down in tears over his 'body shaming' dig

Aaron Waters, 25, debuted alongside fellow Australian Jessie Wynter as late entries to the 2023 Love Island UK series, to the surprise of viewers across the world. However, since Aaron’s arrival, his other Love Island beau has spoken out against the star, claiming he disrespected her and made her cry during their time together.

Current Love Island UK contestant Aaron has been in the villa before, in the 2021 Australian version of the show.

Aaron paired off with Courtney Stubbs in 2021 but unfortunately, they lost the title and the money to Tina Provis and Mitch Hibberd.

Now, the male model arrived in the Franschhoek villa in a surprise twist for 2023’s UK season, but his past is apparently making a comeback.

While filming his promotional material prior to entering the villa, Aaron recalled Courtney as his “least favourite” Love Island partner.

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Following this blow, Courtney retaliated on social media while Aaron continues to film the current Love Island season in South Africa.

She explained that she hadn’t revealed much of their relationship before, as it made her “want to bawl my eyes out” every time she just thought about it.

However, Aaron’s apparent “drag” on Courtney prompted her to share what she claims really happened during their time in the villa.

She said in a three-part TikTok: “This isn’t the first time he’s dragged me so it’s something I’m quite used to honestly but after the previous time I thought surely he would just stop. I thought I would just give my side of the story of how I experienced Love Island with this guy.”

Courtney claimed her time in the villa was “horrible” because Aaron would constantly belittle her while warning the other male contestants to stay away from her.

As the clip went on, she apologised for shaking while holding the camera and explained she had just woken up to seeing her name being dragged on international television.

Courtney continued: “On the first morning of the show he told me he didn’t want to pursue anything further because I coupled up with him on the first day.

“I remember to this day he said: ‘I like clean girls, girls who take care of their skin and do skin care and you don’t look like you’re into that stuff.’ He was referring to my acne which I obviously already felt so insecure about going on TV.


“And he goes: ‘I obviously like when girls take care of their body and who go to the gym’.

“I was not feeling confident in my skin, confident in my body and then he literally just straight up, first morning of the villa, shamed me. It was so mean I literally bawled my eyes out the whole first morning.”

Courtney claimed this “wasn’t the end” of the torment she experienced from Aaron as throughout the series, he would tell her to “shut up” and “f**k off” and claimed another Islander on the show chose not to go for her simply because of what Aaron had been telling him.

The nursing student questioned: “I don’t know why men like this get on the show let alone get on the show again. I don’t know how many get away with bullying girls, belittling girls, telling girls they’re fat and they’re skin is bad and why are we letting them on shows again.”

She concluded by saying she hoped this season of Love Island would show that Aaron “is literally just a mean girl” as she claimed her series had been edited so well audiences couldn’t see it.

Courtney somewhat echoed some viewers’ thoughts when Aaron and Jessie arrived as they felt perplexed that the islanders were not from the UK.

Some also pointed out the logistical issues that may follow the series because of the Australian influence if a couple ends up living on opposite sides of the earth.

Earlier today Courtney thanked her followers for their “overwhelming” support since releasing the videos, as she wrote on her Instagram story: “I just wanted to say my peace, I feel better knowing I have. It’s important to show girls/guys you should and can stand up for yourself!” has contacted Aaron Waters’ representatives and Love Island UK for comment.