Netflix Announces Release Dates For ‘Rebel Moon,’ ‘Murder Mystery 2,’ And More 2023 Movies

If there’s one thing that 2023 is definitely going to bring, it’s a whole lot of Netflix movies. Netflix unveiled its 2023 movie preview on Wednesday morning, complete with a video—which you can watch in the player above—teasing some of the biggest, most exciting Netflix films coming to the streaming service this year. You’ll get a first look at a new fantasy adventure film starring Millie Bobby Brown, a new dramatic thriller starring Chris Evans, and the very first footage of Zack Snyder’s long-awaited sci-fi epic, Rebel Moon.

More importantly, for all of you calendar freaks out there, Netflix unveiled release dates for a lot of its upcoming movies, including the Rebel Moon release date: December 22, 2023. That means you can spend Christmas forcing your loved ones to watch the latest Zack Snyder and assure you’ll never be invited back!

But if galactic space battles aren’t your thing, Netflix has something for everyone, including a sequel to the Adam Sandler comedy Murder Mystery 2 (coming March 31), a sequel to the Chris Hemsworth action-thriller Extraction 2 (coming June 16), and a brand new Nicole Kidman and Joey King rom-com, A Family Affair (coming November 17).

If you want all the details on the 2023 Netflix movies, check out Decider’s list of the 2023 Netflix movie preview. And if you’re just looking for dates, scroll down for the list of the English-language Netflix 2023 movie release dates.


  • Dog Gone: January 13
  • Jung_E: January 20
  • You People: January 27
  • Pamela, A Love Story: January 31


  • True Spirit: February 3
  • Bill Russell: Legend: February 8
  • Your Place or Mine: February 10
  • We Have A Ghost: February 24


  • Luther: The Fallen Sun: March 10
  • The Magician’s Elephant: March 17
  • Murder Mystery 2: March 31


  • A Tourist’s Guide to Love: April 27




  • They Cloned Tyrone: July 21


  • Heart of Stone: August 11
  • Lift: August 25


  • Damsel: October 13
  • Pain Hustlers: October 27


  • The Killer: November 10
  • A Family Affair: November 17
  • Leo: November 22


  • Leave the World Behind: December 8
  • Rebel Moon: December 22