Expert shares simple 'anti-ageing' morning routine for women over 50 -skin 'glowing' after

According to experts at, having an ice facial is one of the most effective ways to “instantly” look younger, as well as to get rid of hangovers and improve your face’s overall look after a long night. However, there are other ways to look fresh and beautiful in the morning, including an early morning shower or drinking a glass of water before bed.

Having an ice facial

The experts said that “submerging the face into a bowl of ice in the morning could be the key to surviving a hangover”, as well as a very effective way to “reduce puffiness which can help the skin”.

The ice bucket tip is a “home remedy” and a “simple morning routine” which can be combined with a nice morning shower, and expert Nic Shacklock recommended repeating the dunking for 10 seconds between two to three times to achieve the desired effect.

Nic explained: “While many partygoers love to enjoy the glitz and glam of parties, facing the consequences the day after is a struggle for most.”

The best way to look better in the morning is to have “an iced facial first thing, as soon as you get out of bed”. It is a “trick commonly used to reduce facial puffiness,” the expert explained, as “the cold feeling will take the pressure off” and give the skin a natural glow.

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Simply take a bowl filled with icy water and dip your face in it; then use a cloth or face flannel to dry your face.

On the social media platform TikTok, many users shared the results after trying the hack and beauty influencer @sarahgiagrant explained that the trick left her with “glowing skin”.

She recommended doing it three times for “as long as you can” and you will notice that the skin is glowing after.

Others recommended rubbing an ice cube on the face as it is just “as effective and way less messy”.


Have proper breakfast

A nice healthy breakfast can also improve the skin and eggs, in particular, “are the main ingredient” and a nourishing boost for the skin as they’re full of protein and vitamins B, D, and lutein which help with hydration and elasticity.

Nic said that “having plenty to eat can also help” and “feeling positive and full of energy” will also aid with the overall look of your skin.

Shower in the morning and hot bath in the evening

Taking a shower first thing can help you feel fresh and ready for the day ahead as well as having a hot bath in the late afternoon or evening can increase your blood flow.

“You can take this further by slicing cucumbers and lemons to go for the maximum relaxation experience,” the expert suggested.

Drinking water before bed

Drinking a lot of water throughout the day prevents blemishes, wrinkles and acne but having a glass of water before bed ensures that you wake up to find your skin soft and supple.

Healthline explained that a glass of water before bed is a “natural cleanser” as at night, sweating helps remove excess salts and toxins, and clean the skin cells.

“Drinking warm water before bed will keep you hydrated through the night and may help the body to rid itself of unwanted toxins,” the health site stated.