An Enclave-themed group in Fallout 76 roleplayed the villains so hard it turned everyone against them

A major Fallout 76 roleplay group, the Enclave Armed Forces, has deleted its social media presence and holed up in its digital bunkers after pressing too far in its roleplay and drawing a backlash from the rest of the community. The EAF formerly collaborated with other factions in the Fallout 76 RP scene to produce events and machinima with an immersive, in-universe style of play, but these roleplayers grew more and more detached from reality, policing servers to enact their own vision of in-game justice, surveilling and supervising their own members’ online relationships in a pantomime of real life military discipline, and seemingly acting out noxious real world beliefs in the guise of these fictional villains.

Fallout 76’s roleplay community is a small but high-profile portion of the game’s fanbase, committed to character and storyline crafting above and beyond what’s offered and encouraged by the base game. These players often coalesce into factions reflecting those in the Fallout lore, like the Brotherhood of Steel or the Enclave, as well as original organizations with fan-written fiction like The Outriders (opens in new tab) or Five-0 New Responders (opens in new tab). The Enclave Armed Forces first emerged in 2020, and long before its downfall last week, the group had featured in Polygon’s (opens in new tab) reporting of the passionate RP community that had developed in Bethesda’s once embattled, now redeemed Fallout MMO.