SSI Beneficiaries Won’t Receive a January Check. Here’s Why

Supplemental Security Income recipients aren’t receiving a check in January, but can expect one to arrive next month. Because SSI recipients received two checks in December, there won’t be a check arriving this month. We’ll explain why below. 

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Why did I receive two SSI checks in December?

The Social Security Administration disburses SSI checks on the first of every month, unless the first day of the month falls on a holiday or a weekend. Jan. 1 is a holiday that falls on a weekend, so the SSA sent the check out on the nearest business day, which was Friday, Dec. 30. Social Security and Social Security Disability Income recipients, on the other hand, receive their first COLA increase in January.

Why is my benefits amount different on my second check?

You’ll notice that the benefit amount on the check you received in late December is higher than the amount you received earlier in December. Thanks to the cost-of-living adjustment that the SSA modifies every year to keep the payments in check with inflation, recipients will see an 8.7% increase in their benefits amount, the highest increase since 1981. The increase can help beneficiaries stretch their checks farther as they battle rising prices on necessities brought on by inflation. 

Will I receive a January SSI check?

No. Since the SSA disbursed two SSI checks in December, SSI beneficiaries won’t receive a January SSI check. 

How do I know that the amount I received is accurate? 

If you received a payment and aren’t sure it’s the correct amount, double-check by taking a look at the letter the SSA sent recipients in the mail this December with the verified 2023 COLA amount. Or you can go online to your My Social Security account message center to check your benefit amount, if you registered for an account prior to Nov. 15.

What if I haven’t received a payment yet?

Your payment should be on its way, but if you need to get in touch with an SSA representative, here’s how to contact someone and resolve any questions about your Social Security benefits.