Prince Harry in cheeky swipe at ITV just minutes into interview with Tom Bradby

ITV viewers were left “shaking with rage” with many claiming to “switch off” just minutes into the exclusive interview. As Prince Harry was shown welcoming Tom Bradby into his home, he took aim at ITV and their choice of title for the chat.

As the interview with Prince Harry was broadcast, it opened with a montage of shots showing the Duke and Bradby getting ready to chat.

The pair were shown shaking hands, being mic-ed up and having screen tests before the began the interview.

Black and white images of Harry standing beside his brother Prince William were also shown as he narrated excerpts from his memoir.

Clips from the interview were also previewed as well as footage of Bradby and Harry’s first time working together.

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Harry jumped in to state: “He didn’t come to me, he went to somebody else.”

“Okay, but ‘We’re going to release it unless you give us a tell all interview or whatever it was,” Bradby continued.

“They wanted, and you say you called their bluff, but are you really saying that third in the line to the throne or whatever you were, that you taking a Class A drug is not a matter of public interest?

“I think that’s a question people will have. Do you accept that is a matter of public interest for the press?”

“I think what’s a matter of public interest is the relationship between the institution with the tabloid media,” Harry hit back.

“That to me, is more public interest than anything else. But myself itself has been put through a blender as such.

“So, I think the lines have been blurred so much that public interest is more about the wellbeing of society.”

Harry: The Interview is available to watch on ITVX now.