Shoplifting offences skyrocket in France as more seniors steal 'butter or cheese'

Shoplifting offenses in France is skyrocketing as the number of incidents has gone up with more seniors stealing “butter” or a “piece pf cheese”, a news report has claimed. According to the report, more than 17 percent of complaints were recorded over the first eight months of the year.

The report suggested that due to the rise in shoplifting incidents, cashiers have doubled their vigilance.

Jacky Thoonsen, manager of Thoonsen said: “The most important demand in France now is to protect cans.

“But also, the sausage or the cans.

“For 30 euros of anti-theft, I protect 250 euros of goods for ten years.”

Ludovic Jouaud, director at E. Leclerc Cap Sud, in Saint-Maur (Indre), is confronted with quasi-professional individuals.

But for a year, due to inflation, there are new profiles of thieves.

He said: “At present, it’s more an elderly person, a retired person, [who steals] his wafer of butter, his piece of cheese, his slice of ham, basic products which are experiencing a small increase.”

In one of the videos recorded by TFI, a man steals a bottle of shampoo, while he is filmed by a hidden camera.

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