Ukraine LIVE: Belarusian soldiers back Ukraine as they turn on Lukashenko and Putin

Hundreds of Belarusian soldiers supporting Ukraine in its fight against Russia have formed a rebel regiment to join the front against Putin’s forces.

Belarus provided Russia with a launch pad for the invasion of Ukraine, which began in February.

But not everyone in the country is ready to join Vladimir Putin should Alexander Lukashenko call his people to mobilise against the war.

Speaking to VOA News, one rebel fighter said: “Belarusians who think Ukraine is suffering, they come here and take up arms.

“They by action show that Ukraine needs help here and now.

“The guys who join our regiment believe that Ukraine should be freed from Putin’s aggression and that Belarus should be freed from Putin and Lukashenko’s aggression.

“So I believe this is the base of the new Belarusian Army.”

Some of these men have been fighting alongside Ukrainian soldiers since 2014.