Hundreds of cars in huge pile-up on Chinese bridge sparks huge emergency response

Hundreds of vehicles have rammed into one another, forcing some cars to the top of a growing pile of inertia, with others suffering smashed windows in China.

Heavy morning fog appears to be the cause for the travel chaos which has seen up to 400 cars trapped in a traffic jam on the Zhengxin Huanghe Bridge in Henan.

Drivers have been rushed to hospital and emergency services are frantically trying to prize people from the crunch with rescue efforts are under way to dislodge the cars.

Firefighters are battling through the logjam scene following the huge crash on the north-to-south section of the bridge.

In the tangled mess of metal stand a mixture of lorries and cars which got caught up in the accident due to the fog and icy roads.

Dashcam footage has been posted online which shows passengers from a number of the vehicles on the side of the road at intervals to warn oncoming drivers.


The footage shows the poor visibility on the bridge with other photographs of the incident showing a 4×4 nearly entirely on top of another car.

The number of those injured and the amount of vehicles involved has not yet been confirmed.

However, as of 9:30am (22:30 GMT) 11 people were retrieved from the mangle of cars.

State media reported that 13 fire engines and over 70 firefighters were deployed to the scene to separate the cars and rescue drivers and passengers.

It has been confirmed by the emergency services that no hazardous materials were involved in the incident.

Henan has previously seen such an incident when in 2017 thick fog left nine people dead and 18 injured.

More to follow…