Many feared dead after explosion destroys South African hospital as chilling screams heard

Multiple people have been killed in a small city to the west of Johannesburg, South Africa after a gas truck exploded into a huge fireball by a hospital. Horrifying footage showed people burning in the streets of Boksburg in the aftermath as they screamed for help. The truck, reported to have been carrying liquid petroleum gas, blew up after it struck a low-lying bridge. 

First responders to the scene in Boksburg said that a number of people have been severely burned. One local report suggested that body parts were strewn throughout the nearby streets. 

The incident took place “a few metres” from the OR Tambo Hospital, which is now on fire itself, according to news channel Citizen. 

Dozens of people could be screaming for help outside of the hospital following the incident. 

Kyle van Reenen, a spokesperson for Emer-G-Med, which is the local ambulance service, said several people have died with many more critically injured.

Harrowing footage of the aftermath shows one man shouting “I’m blind, sir, please help” as he stands in the street, his clothes black and charred. 

The man behind the camera shouts “go to hospital” as he rushes to attend to people further down the street. 

At least four other people are then seen screaming for help on the corner of one road as smoke rises from their bodies. 

One victim appears to be desperately rolling around in the grass to try to cool down. 

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