2022 was Twitch's most dramatic year yet

2022, where did you go? It feels like only yesterday that Ninja was threatening to sue Pokimane right? Oh, sorry I mean January, it feels like only yesterday it was January. There has been an almighty amount of drama on Twitch this year, just as there was in 2021, so now is an appropriate time to look back and marvel in incredulity.  

Ninja threatens to sue Pokimane

(Image credit: Pokimane)

Tyler ‘Ninja’ Blevins was once the face of streaming. Hell, he still might be the best known streamer among people outside of the streaming scene. But he got in some hot water earlier this year as his wife Jessica Blevins decided to threaten Pokimane (opens in new tab), Twitch’s most well-known female streamer, with legal action for “defamation of character”. 

source: gamezpot.com