Pokemon Go Winter Holiday event undergoes NEW evolution

The Pokemon Go Winter event is about to enter its second phase, as Niantic introduces a whole host of new bonuses and rewards. From 10am GMT UK time on December 23, Pokemon Go Trainers will be able to capture Eevee and its evolutions wearing special Christmas hats. The chances of encoutering a Shiny Eevee are also increased, at least until 8pm GMT on New Years Eve.

There’s more good news if you’ve got lots of friends, because the second phase of the Winter event increases then number of gifts you can store to 40.

There are also a couple of fun challenges and research events coming your way, beginning with the ‘Will Your Wish Come True?’ Timed Research.

Niantic explains more: “Trainers will be able to access branching Timed Research that grants their wish for bonuses that revolve around either hatching Eggs, catching Pokemon, or collecting Stardust.

“The path you choose will determine which bonuses and tasks you have for the event!

“No matter which wish you pick, all Trainers who complete the research will receive items and have the opportunity to encounter Galarian Mr. Mime and other winter-themed Pokémon.”

Then there’s the Winter Wonderland in-game event, which runs from 10am December 24 until 8pm on December 25.

As part of the Winter Wonderland event, players will receive one extra trade each day, plus extended Daily Adventure Incense usage.

The chances of receiving Lucky Pokemon will also increase, especially if you’ve been playing since 2017.

“The number of guaranteed Lucky Pokemon a Trainer can receive in a trade has been increased from 10 to 15!

“And starting Saturday, December 24, 2022, at 10am local time, if you trade a Pokemon that has spent time in a Trainer’s Pokemon storage since 2017, it is guaranteed to become a Lucky Pokémon until the limit is reached! This change is permanent and will stay active going forward.”

Elsewhere, Niantic will hold a brand new collection challenge, which is successful, will give users the chance to encounter a Galarian Mr. Mime.

Finally, Hisuian Avalugg will appear more frequently in raids and players can earn extra Raid Passes by spinning Pokestops.

source: express.co.uk