‘Big Brother’ alum Alyssa Lopez shamed for returning to job at Hooters

She’s a jack of owl trades.

Alyssa Lopez, who competed on Season 23 of “Big Brother” as well as “The Challenge: USA,” blasted a boob who shaded her for returning to her serving job at Hooters.

“A certain person from #bb23 is back working at Hooters,” the troll tweeted Saturday.

Lopez worked at Hooters before her stint on reality TV. She was even pictured on a Hooters billboard and on taxi tops in 2018.

“I’m confused why you think I should be embarrassed by this?” the 26-year-old Floridian responded Monday in a tweet. “To be able to pay my rent from 2 shifts at Hooters is amazing!”

“So many reality TV stars have actual jobs,” she added. “We are normal human beings. I’m just real enough to show it. Come in my next shift I’II buy you a shot.”

Alyssa Lopez on "Big Brother"
Alyssa Lopez worked at the wing joint before her two appearances on reality TV.
CBS via Getty Images

Season 16 “Big Brother” alum Donny Thompson offered his two cents, revealing his less-than-glamorous reality.

“I hope no one tells that lady that the old guy from BB16 had to unclog a toilet today at work. #MaintenanceMan,” he joked.

Lopez, who also founded a social media agency, added that she didn’t expect her tweet to attract so much attention. She doubled down in another tweet, writing: “NO SHAME IN GETTING YOUR BAG.”

“You do you queen,” the Hooters account responded Tuesday with the clapping hands emoji.

Lopez came in seventh place on “Big Brother,” which aired last year. She and fellow contestant Christian Birkenberger left the house as a couple before realizing they were better off as friends.

source: nypost.com