Pokémon Scarlet & Violet (NS) Review | VGChartz

VGChartz’s Stephen LaGioia: “This was a tough one to analyze and review, as Ive scarcely played a game so simultaneously gripping and so crudely crafted technologically. From a pure content standpoint, Scarlet/Violet mostly satisfies, and rises above performance blemishes – thanks mostly to the fun exploration and rewarding progression. With its balance of nostalgic/familiar gameplay, new features like Tera Raids, and a full open-world system, this is a delightful Poke-epic that should entice newer, younger fans and old school vets alike.

Even if the game sees some major fan-requested patches, its hard to see this one ever shining like a Tera Jewel, but at least the potential for improvement is there. For the time being, Scarlet/Violet is an enjoyable RPG with a titan of squandered potential. Now we just need a mainline Pokémon game that fuses the polish and charm of the early generations while running with the open-world depth of this one.”

source: gamezpot.com