Joan Collins hits back as David Jason brands her 'pretentious' over 'TV set requests'

However, despite his success and myriad of awards and honours, David insists in his new book that he is not one to “get affected by success” or have “unreasonable demands”. 

In a new interview, David claimed that he had shocked a crew on a TV set when he simply asked for a cup of coffee.

Speaking to Radio Times, David recalled: “They said, ‘Oh right. Some people want something a little more. Joan Collins, for example, has to start the day with a glass of champagne.’ 

“You start to think, ‘God, how pretentious is that?’ I could have said, ‘I must have a light and bitter please!’” 

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But when contacted by, Joan Collins’ representatives shut down the claims.

They stated that the legendary Dynesty actress “doesn’t even like champagne”.

While speaking to the aforementioned publication, David added that he also enjoys humble pastimes, including “washing up, gardening, model-building and home repairs”. 

He also joked that his handiwork has meant his wife, Gill Hinchcliffe, 62, expects him to fix everything when they go wrong.

He went on: “I’ve got to do it. We had a leak in the kitchen that brought half the roof down. The wife said, ‘Can you get up there and fix it?’” 

“That enjoyment, that love of doing what I love doing, the joy I had from being an amateur on stage is still there – and I just think some of it spilled out onto the television screens and into the homes of so many people.

“I’m delighted to be able to say that.” 

You can read David Jason’s full interview in the Radio Times.