Janey Godley, 61, shares cancer has returned in heartbreaking update on ‘last live tour’


She went on to admit that the diagnosis had shocked her loved ones, writing: “Stage three ovarian cancer, like many cancers, is treatable and people live with it.

“It’s been quite a shock. It’s been quite a shock to all of us. My husband and Ashley are back at home and they are just processing all this information too.

“There are people watching this who live for years with treatable cancers and that’s what I’m hoping to do as well.

“I’d like to say I’m brave and I’m strong but I’m really really vulnerable and frightened as well because that’s what this kind of news does to people, but I’m also optimistic.

“I’m going to get chemotherapy, and then whatever treatment comes after this.”

source: express.co.uk