U2’s The Edge’s Children: Meet His 5 Kids From Oldest To Youngest

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  • The Edge has been a member of U2 for decades.
  • The Edge was married to Aislinn O’Sullivan for seven years, and remarried Morleigh Steinberg in 2002.
  • The Edge has four daughters and one son between the two relationships.

Few guitarists have been as innovative and as inventive as U2‘s The Edge. The guitarist, whose real name is Dave Evans, has been entertaining audiences with the Irish rock band for decades. Early in his career, The Edge, 61, married his secondary school sweetheart Aislinn O’Sullivan in 1983, and the pair had three daughters. The couple ended up splitting up in 1993, but couldn’t legally divorce due to Irish laws. When the country legalized divorce in 1995, the pair split up the following year.

After splitting up with Aislinn, Dave started dating American dancer and choreographer Morleigh Steinberg, who worked on U2’s Zoo TV tour. The pair had two children in the 90s, and they got married in 2002. It seems like for the most part, The Edge’s kids have not pursued public careers, but it’s clear that they’re all still very close with their dad. Find out everything you need to know about The Edge’s children here!

The Edge and Morleigh walk the red carpet on Broadway for ‘Spider-Man: Turn Off The Dark.’ (Amanda Schwab/Starpix/Shutterstock)


After The Edge and Aislinn first got married, they welcomed their first daughter Hollie, 38, in 1984. While her dad is most famous for his music, the band’s charitable contributions and efforts have also been a huge part of the band’s legacy. Dave notably founded Music Rising, which aided musicians affected by Hurricane Katrina. While Hollie doesn’t seem to have pursued music, she has clearly been influenced by her dad’s charitable endeavors. She announced that she was on the Project Selection Committee for the Avasara Foundation, which seeks to expand opportunities for education, sanitation, and financial empowerment, in November 2020. “2 years ago I made the difficult decision to leave my rewarding and challenging job working with vulnerable children (to focus on looking after my own) so it’s exhilarating to be part of something just as rewarding and impactful again!” she wrote on Instagram.

Hollie married her husband Jamie Hewitson in August 2015, and the pair are parents to two sons Arlo, 4, and Otis, 9 months. Despite being Irish-born, she says that she’s a Londoner in her Instagram bio. Hollie does occasionally share photos of herself with her dad or shots with friends taken at U2 gigs. When she celebrated Father’s Day in 2017, she shared a photo of herself with The Edge from her wedding with a heartfelt message. “Happy Father’s Day to all the amazing dads out there- both with us and looking over us. And to mine, who is so worth chasing around the world to be with,” she captioned the Instagram photo.


Shortly after Hollie, Dave and Aislinn had their second daughter Arran, 37, in 1985. While her dad is a rockstar, Arran was more interested in design. “As a child, I used to make earrings and sell them in a local store in Dublin – that was my first real venture into design and the first time I ever sold anything to a stranger. The feeling was amazing and it got me hooked,” she told Irish News in a 2018 interview.

She works as a design consultant in London, according to her website, and she’s even launched her own line of fashion accessories. She regularly shows off her handbags on her Instagram, and she’s also revealed that she designed a guitar strap for her dad.

Arran is married to Alex Threadgill, who is also her business partner. The pair have one son. The designer spoke about her dad offering her advice while speaking to Irish News. “I think I get my work-ethic from my dad, who is one of my biggest champions. He’s extremely supportive and is always able to break down a problem and offer great advice in a crisis,” she said.

Blue Angel

The Edge and Aislinn had their third daughter Blue Angel, 33, in 1989. Blue revealed that she was preparing to graduate with a degree in graphic design in a November 2020 Instagram post. Blue is also in a long-term relationship with Fiachra O’Shaugnessy, and she occasionally shares photos of him on her Instagram. Blue is also a mother to an eight-year-old daughter Luna, who she also regularly shares on her social media. She announced that she was pregnant with her second child in June 2022. She showed off her baby bump, as she was sitting by the pool. “Big and juicy baby,” she wrote.


After The Edge and Aislinn split up in 1990, he began his relationship with Morleigh in 1993. The pair welcomed their first daughter Sian, 25, in 1997. Of all of Dave’s kids, she seems to keep out of the public eye the most. She has her Instagram account set to private, but she does occasionally appear in her siblings’ social media posts, like when Blue shared a photo of all the siblings with a woven soundwave to commemorate the fifth anniversary of the guitarist performing in the Sistine Chapel.


The Edge’s youngest child and only son Levi, 23, was born in 1999. Of all of his children, Levi is the only one to pursue a career in music. The musician regularly shares photos and videos of him performing, and he announces his shows on his Instagram. He’s released a handful of singles with the most recent being “Let Me Know” in October 2022. While his dad is known for his expansive sound, Levi’s songs have been a bit more intimate and singer-songwriter focused.

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