Viral TikTok comedian Frankie Hoy lasted 31 days in NYC on just $100

His monthly budget was no joke. 

Aspiring stand-up comedian Frankie Hoy — who endured a staggering 31 days in New York City on a svelte $100 — finally blew his last $4.33 on Dec. 3 on some selfless splurges.

After posting TikTok videos for weeks documenting his dirt-cheap delights — like dumplings and peanut-sauce noodles for $3 each from Chinatown — the economical entertainer wound up gifting a hefty $1.58 tip to subway station drummers. He then burned his last $2.75 on subway fare, despite jumping the gate for weeks to save dozens of dollars. 

“With only $2.75 left, it only made sense to not hop the turnstile,” Hoy joked in the 59-second clip.

The one-time truck driver from California lives out of a former DHL van in Queens. He said his experiment was born out of necessity: after many “terrible financial decisions,” he had only $139 left in his bank account. 

Still of Frankie Hoy making his coffee
The Queens-based funny guy stretched his $100 partly by making his own coffee instead of buying it.

Despite accidentally blowing $4.34 on a Dunkin Donuts iced coffee on Day 1, Hoy adjusted to living on the cheap, eating oatmeal and making his own “hobo coffee” from an $8 Folger’s tub —and eventually seeing how long he could keep up the barebones lifestyle.  

Silly twists, like swapping his clementines with friends for their entire deli sandwiches, or getting free leftovers, were key to lasting so long on so little. Still, the funny guy stressed that most New Yorkers could manage for two weeks on $100 by making small adjustments to their spending habits — like using a refillable water bottle instead of buying water.

“I’m not some kind of a financial guy, because I ended up in this situation where I had [only] $100,” he told the Post. “But what I’ve learned in this past month is that most of the things that we buy are luxuries.”

The comedian documented his month-long journey by uploading TikTok videos.
The comedian documented his month-long journey by uploading TikTok videos.
Still of subway drummers
Hoy spent some of his last dollars tipping drummers in a subway station.

Hoy, whose videos have garnered tens of millions of views over the past month, has continued to post daily spending diaries for his newfound fans, in addition to sharing laughs at open mics. His latest series is focusing on “holding [himself] accountable,” he said in a recent video, with the current challenges being to spend less than $50 on food and perform 14 times on stage in 6 days.

Frankie Hoy spent the last of his money on subway fare.
Hoy spent the last of his cash on subway fare, after hopping turnstiles for weeks to save money.

Frankie Hoy only had $2.75 dollars left after spending 31 days in NYC.
Hoy’s videos garnered tens of millions of views over the past month.

“I’m gonna try my hardest that it sticks with me, these [spending] habits, because I feel like I’ve developed healthy habits [over the past month],” Hoy told The Post last week, in the final stretch of his ascetic adventure. “I am definitely more self-aware.”

In fact, just knocking out booze to save a few bucks also helped him drop weight.

“Some pants do fit me now,” he quipped.

His viral videos have inspired a horde of copycat budgeters.

“I thought I was gonna start the recession,” Hoy fretted.