DLC-sized Skyrim mod adds fully voiced 'Bioware-style' companions, over 9,000 lines of dialogue

While Skyrim may have plenty of NPCs who will follow you around, carry your burdens, and even agree to marry you in spite of the fact you probably reek of dead mammoth, there’s definitely a limit to how much personality they have. (Which is why some of the best Skyrim mods are the ones that add fully voiced followers.) Warden of the Coast (opens in new tab) is a newly released mod for Skyrim Special Edition that adds a new questline, locations, and nine “Bioware-style” companions.

Each of those companions has their own loyalty quest, and thanks to 27 hard-working voice actors, Warden of the Coast includes more than 9,000 lines of recorded dialogue. Three of your companions can accompany you at any time, Dragon Age-style, and will let you choose their perks, skills, and attribute increases as they level up. And yes, some of them can be romanced.

source: gamezpot.com