Love is Blind season 3: Did Brennon convert to Judaism?

Did Brennon convert to Judaism?

Following filming for Love is Blind season three, the couple confirmed that Brennon didn’t end up converting to Judaism.

Alexa addressed the matter in an Instagram post, explaining how he was the one who converted her to a new way of life instead.

Next to an adorable picture of them in cowboy hats, Alexa wrote: “While Brennon never converted to Judaism, he did convert me to that country livin’.

“We’ve spent the last year and a half going to football games on the weekends, spending time with family and friends, and falling even more in love.

“This man has changed the way I look at life and shown me what truly matters.

“He’s taught me how to love and how to not take life so seriously. I love you so much my cowboy.”