Coronation Street fans 'predict' Summer Spellman exit after blackmail horror

Cinders said: “How the f**k does summer think she’s going to pay all this money back? Aaron is right, she needs to give that money back and tell Esther #Corrie.” 

However, @CorrieTrivia added: “She doesn’t have to give any of it back but she shouldn’t take anymore, she should tell them about the miscarriage and that’s the end of it, there was no contract and it’s illegal to buy a baby.”

David Boink suggested: “Summer should keep shtoom as long as possible. Mike and Esther are desperate for the baby and Summer could get another five grand out of them easily enough. #Corrie.” 

Christine Scrivens shared: “If I was Aaron and Summer I would ask the rehab centre for my money back. The Dad had only been out for 24/48 hours and he’s back on the booze.