iPhone 14 dropped to 'lowest ever' price but there's a way to get it even cheaper

Apple iPhone fans are being offered plenty of deals in the Black Friday sales with Virgin Mobile even promising that its current cost-cutting discount offers this very latest smartphone at its lowest-ever price. The Virgin deal is giving consumers the chance to pocket this new call maker for just £31.95 per month with it even including double data (4GB rather than 2GB) as part of the plan.

That sounds very incredibly enticing especially as there is no upfront fee to pay. You can see the deal here but before you rush to hit the buy button beware. If you do the sums you can actually find a way to own this device at a much cheaper price.

Here’s how things work out.

If you buy the iPhone 14 via Virgin Mobile with 4GB of data you’ll need to take out a 36-month contract to get that low price. Over the three years you’ll end up paying a total of £1,143 – that’s not too bad considering that a similar deal from EE will cost close to £2,000.

However, if you simply buy the iPhone directly from Apple (£849) and then grab a SIM-only plan you’ll find you’ll save over £150.

Firms including SMARTY are currently offering SIM deals for as little as £3.50 per month which even includes 8GB of data.

If you add things up (£3.50 time 36 plus the price of the phone) the total cost is £975 over the same three-year period.

Of course, you will need £849 in your bank account to take advantage of this lower price but it’s worth considering if you can afford that upfront fee from Apple.

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As a quick reminder, the iPhone 14 features a 6.1-inch Retina screen and dual-lens camera.

There’s also long battery life, wireless charging and Apple’s market-leading Face ID technology for speedy screen unlocking.

New for this year is Crash Detection which alerts the emergency services if you have an accident plus you can now send text messages even when you can’t find a mobile signal via clever satellite technology.

It’s worth noting that if you’re not bothered about having the latest iPhone in your pocket Apple is giving away free Gift Cards when buying the iPhone 13 or iPhone 12.

That deal is part of its Black Friday bargains which also includes £250 back when purchasing a MacBook.

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What is Black Friday?

Black Friday was started in the United States as a way for retailers to drum-up extra sales ahead of the holidays. The one-day sales event would see millions of people queue up outside high street shops to secure the best Black Friday deals, dubbed “doorbusters”. Held on the first Friday after the Thanksgiving celebrations, Black Friday is no longer confined to the shores of the United States – it has become a global phenomenon.

source: express.co.uk