Air fryer PRICE CRASH: Argos shoppers uncover Black Friday hack to get gadget for £15

Argos has slashed the price of the popular Tower air fryer from £50 down to £30. This model boasts a 3-litre capacity, which can be used to make crispy homemade chips with 99% less oil than traditional fryers. Despite the name, air fryers do much more than fry chips too – these clever countertop gadgets can be used to reheat leftovers, bake sweet treats, and roast veggies for Christmas dinner.

Demand for air fryers has sky-rocketed in recent months due to their efficiency compared with traditional ovens, with many households turning to these gadgets to reduce their bills due to the ongoing cost-of-living crisis. The efficiency of air fryers is thanks to the small space being heated, the lack of preheating, and the fact they run on electricity instead of gas.

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Be warned – air fryer stock is currently extremely low due to the unprecedented demand for these kitchen appliances, so you’ll need to order fast.