Instagram influencers spark internet debate after bikini-clad photoshoot at Eiffel Tower

Gabriela Versiani, age 24, and Gabily, age 27, are both Brazillian models who were taking photos and filming themselves at the landmark in Paris, France on October 31, 2022. The pair were promoting their bikini swimwear business, but their photographing stunt has sparked controversy online.

The two models were filming themselves while wearing black trench coats which they then took off to reveal their red bikinis underneath.

Footage online shows that there were crowds of tourists watching the scene before police intervened.

The NZ Herald reported that police officers quickly approached the pair as they took off their coats and told them to cover themselves.

A third woman wearing a blazer was also involved in the social media shoot with the pair and seemed to be the person responsible for filming.

Vanessa Lopez, the woman who shot the video, shared the tale on her social media page and said a policewoman approached them while filming.

She told her followers: “We were almost arrested, guys, because we were advertising for bikinis and they said we can’t.

“We said ‘ah, but it’s a bikini’. I even said ‘lady, it’s because we have a bikini business’.”

Ms Lopez went on to explain that the police officers informed them that in France, it is against the law to take semi-nude photographs in front of tourist destinations.

The incident quickly went viral online, with some people believing it was inappropriate.

One commenter said: “I don’t understand why they don’t go to the Caribbean or the pool if you want to promote your brand. Now in Paris and worse the Tower. Your content is totally useless.”

Some people said the influencers should be “ashamed” of their actions, while others said it “crossed the line”.

Another social media user voiced their disapproval and said: “Sometimes sense has to come before marketing.”

However, the models also have plenty of support and some found the incident amusing.

One fan added: “If I had this bikini, this body and the ticket I would also do it lol PERFECT.”

Luane Dias, a Brazilian TV personality, also happened to be at the Eiffel Tower as the incident took place and filmed it on her phone.

On social media, she shared the event online and said: “I’m glad I’m not with them.”

One of the models involved, Gabriela Versiani, posted a video of herself in her bikini at the Eiffel Tower and revealed she had been taking photographs to promote her swimwear brand, Versiani Swim.

In the caption, she wrote: “In Paris we use VS @versianiswim.”