Signs your aloe vera houseplant needs repotting – give it ‘conditions it enjoys most’

Aloe vera are easily grown in containers and make great additions to rooms in the home such as the conservatory. They can even be placed outside during the summer months as they like warm and sunny conditions. According to research conducted by gardening experts at, the most popular houseplant on social media is the aloe plant.

However, it is important to get looking after them spot on, otherwise they may suffer from root rot or diseases.

Sustainable brand Wave recently used Google trends data to find out what Britons are needing to know about looking after houseplants.

With the help from Adam Kirtland, from View From The Potting Bench, the team shared top tips on how to care for houseplants, including the aloe vera.

The expert said: “Houseplants bring so much joy to the home, no matter how small or large your space may be.

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Signs the plant needs a new pot is if the roots are growing out of the current pot. Adam said: “The best tip I can give for aloe vera is to use a terracotta pot.

“This allows the soil to dry out more than a ceramic or glass container and gives the aloe the conditions it enjoys most.

“They love light, but not direct sunlight, somewhere near a window where they’ll get this without sitting in the baking rays of midday.

“You’ll know when an aloe wants to be potted on when it has filled its current home.”

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When buying a new pot, it is important to buy one slightly bigger than the current home and fill it about a third of the way full.

The expert added: “Gently tap out the plant from its pot and place in the new one and fill in around the plant with more potting mix and give it a good water.

“It’s a good idea to give it water in the sink and let the water drain through the drainage hole in the bottom of the pot.

“When the water stops running out, you can move it to where you’d like it.”

Make sure not to overwater a succulent, as they need less hydration than other houseplants.

They also will not grow well in continuously wet compost or in the shade and could end up dying as a result.

Owners of the aloe vera should keep them away from humid atmospheres such as the kitchen or bathroom.

Aloe vera also has many other benefits including using it to soothe mild sunburn.