Man upset over unavailable flight accused in Utah carjacking spree

A man upset about an unavailable flight Friday went on a carjacking spree and crashed into several vehicles in Utah while heading toward his planned destination, authorities said.

John Joseph Thomas Green, 20, will be booked into jail in Summit County, Utah, based on multiple felony allegations that were not specified, according to Salt Lake City police. He was hospitalized for observation.

The Utah Highway Patrol said it was investigating whether drugs or alcohol were a factor.

The carjacking spree began about 5 a.m. after airport police told city officers a man at a ticket counter was upset that he couldn’t get a ticket for a same-day flight to Denver, the Salt Lake City department said in a statement.

The suspect took an SUV by physical force from a motorist in the airport’s passenger pickup area, Salt Lake City police said.

South of the airport, the SUV struck two vehicles, including a BMW that he allegedly tried unsuccessfully to carjack, police said. The BMW’s driver was wearing her seat belt and fought back, and the suspect returned to the damaged SUV, law enforcement officials said.

He then crashed into another vehicle, police said. The suspect got out of the SUV and carjacked a Dodge Durango pickup, they said.

While using on Interstate 80, the Durango hit as many as five cars in Summit County, east of Salt Lake City, according to the Utah Department of Public Safety. One of the crashes may have included a rollover.

Two people sustained minor injuries and were hospitalized, the state department said. The Durango became disabled on the highway, it said.

Summit County Sheriff’s Deputies said the suspect was trying to carjack a Toyota pickup by throwing a rock at it when they arrived and took him into custody.

The vehicle’s driver fled with its keys, rendering it impossible to for the the suspect to drive it, Salt Lake City police said.

The alleged crime spree was over before 6 a.m., Department of Public Safety officials said.

The airport did not immediately respond to a request for comment.

Erick Mendoza contributed.