Vietnam's 'King of VGA' is selling mountains of graphics cards on the street

PC gamers have spent years living in uncertainty when it comes to hardware availability. The silicon shortage, pandemic, production issues, environmental disasters, and crypto mining all ravaged the market. For a while there it was slim pickings for anyone looking to upgrade, especially if you were on the hunt for a new graphics card. We even had a guide (opens in new tab) up, offering tips to help people buy a new GPU during the shortage. Now, the self-proclaimed King of VGA, Vietnam’s Lê Thành, is hawking them on the street.

After a few years that felt like decades, the GPU shortage of the past is basically behind us. GPUs are far easier to pick up from retail stores now, and brand new hardware is already here. The next generation of Nvidia cards are already out in the wild (opens in new tab), though expensive and still a little tricky to get. That said, the Nvidia RTX 4090 Founders edition (opens in new tab) is a new force to be reckoned with, and we’ve seen images of the new AMD RDNA 3 cards looking super promising (opens in new tab) to boot.