Russian soldiers in furious outburst over ‘absolute f****ng hell’ Putin dropped them into

Mobilised Russian reserves have reacted in horror to the conditions on the frontline in Ukraine with a video shared online by one unit revealing low morale among Putin’s troops. Footage recorded by the rag-tag Russian squad reveals problems with supplies, training and leadership which has resulted in the soldiers facing what they describe as “absolutely f****ng hell.”

Hunkering down in a trench, one soldier complains about the lack of training and clear orders from his division commanders. 

He said: “That is the frontline just over there, they sent us here without any training without anything at all.

‘They have been d***ing us around constantly our division.”

“We don’t have any training or supplies and our guys showed up in their own uniforms paid for in their own money.”

Another soldier from the same unit added: “We have no weapons, no ammo mags, no grenades, no belt pouches, no food no water. 

“It is absolutely f****ng hell.”

He continued: “Who the hell knows, long live the God d*** Russian army!”

Since Russia began losing ground in a counter-offensive in September, Russian President Vladimir Putin has taken a series of steps to intensify the conflict, calling up hundreds of thousands of Russian reservists, proclaiming the annexation of occupied land and repeatedly threatening to use nuclear weapons to defend Russia.

This month, Russia launched a new campaign of strikes using missiles and Iranian-made drones against Ukraine’s energy infrastructure, also hitting parks and homes across the country.

Russians continued to “terrorise” the Kyiv region, launching several attacks on Wednesday night, governor Oleksiy Kuleba said on the Telegram messaging app.

“The elimination of the fire and the consequences of the attack is ongoing,” he said, adding there were no casualties.

In Russia, the military staged a high-profile rehearsal for nuclear war, with state television broadcasts dominated by footage of submarines, strategic bombers and missile forces practising launches in retaliation for an atomic attack.

Moscow has conducted a diplomatic campaign this week to promote an accusation that Kyiv is preparing to release nuclear material with a so-called “dirty bomb”, an allegation the West calls baseless and a potential pretext for Russian escalation.

Meanwhile, the looming battle for Kherson at the mouth of the Dnipro River is expected to be one of the most consequential of the war, determining whether Kyiv can loosen Moscow’s grip on southern Ukraine.

While much of the front line remains off limits to journalists, at one section of the front north of the Russian-occupied pocket on the west bank of the Dnipro, Ukrainian soldiers said Russian shelling was stepping up again after having tailed off in recent weeks.

Radio intercepts indicated freshly mobilised recruits had been sent to the front and Russian forces were firmly dug in.