Biden asks for directions as he appears lost in his White House garden 'Where do we go?'

President Biden was guided by his security team around the White House gardens after the 79-year-old appeared confused and asked for directions. Flanked by the First Lady, Jill Biden, the President had been taking part in a tree-planting event on the South Lawn of the premises to honour White House groundskeeper Dale Haney. As the ceremony concluded, President Biden wandered off towards some bushes before he turned and asked his team: “Which way are we going?”

Noting the President’s confusion, his security team subtly interrupted Biden to redirect him: “This way, Sir.”

In an apparent effort to recover from his mistake, the President joked: “I thought we were going the other way. Well, I want to go that way.”

A member of his team reassured him: “You can go that way if you want.” The First Lady echoed their statements as she added: “You can do whatever you want.”

As the President walked back towards the White House, he mumbled: “I notice how much freedom I have.”

Social media users reacted to the scene online, with some suggesting the footage could be evidence of the President’s deteriorating health.

Twitter user @SueTaddei commented: “He has no idea he is President.”

Another user @Vasyk Marian asked: “Is he still fit for the office? So weak and lost.”

@BaroneKara added: “I wonder what his secret servicemen are thinking… How embarrassing.”

The widespread speculation about Mr Biden’s resulted in the US President undergoing an assessment of his capabilities in November 2021., with White House physician Dr Kevin O’Connor saying he “remains fit for duty”.

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On Tuesday, the American President suffered another mistake as he grossly mispronounced the name of the new British Prime Minister, Rishi Sunak.

Giving a speech at the White House to mark the Hindu festival of Diwali, President Biden learnt of Sunak’s appointment which he celebrated as a “groundbreaking milestone”.

Unfortunately, his comments honouring the new Tory leader were overshadowed by his mispronunciation of Sunak’s name as “Rashee Sanook”.

President Biden appeared further confused about the formalities involved with Sunak’s appointment as he added: “[He is] expected to become the Prime Minister, I think, tomorrow when he goes to see the King.”

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