‘The Kardashians’: Kendall Jenner Shuts Down ‘Misconception’ That She’s A ‘Mean Girl’

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Image Credit: Evan Agostini/Invision/AP/Shutterstock

Kendall Jenner flew to Las Vegas to promote her 818 Tequila on the Oct. 20 episode of The Kardashians. Her sister, Kylie Jenner, was supposed to make the trip with her, but cancelled at the last minute to be home with her newborn baby. Although Kendall was still surrounded by friends, she admittedly had anxiety going into the trip. “I know I’m here for work and there’s part of me that’s enjoying myself and part of me that’s anxious because I don’t always love big crowds,” Kendall admitted. “For probably some obvious reasons, and also just, I feel like anything I do…anything…gets hate. I could be walking down the street doing absolutely nothing and somebody always has something bad to say. I think the narrative has gotten so out of hand with me and my family and there’s just no changing it anymore.”

When asked what the “biggest misconception” people have about her is, Kendall admitted that there’s “so many things.” However, she said it “hurts the most” is when people call her a “mean girl.” “That’s just not the case,” Kendall insisted. “It can be upsetting when someone is questioning your character. If only people knew me.”

kendall jenner
Kendall Jenner at the Met Gala. (Evan Agostini/Invision/AP/Shutterstock)

Although Kendall put a smile on her face and spent the day partying by the pool, she said she’s still uncomfortable in that environment. “There’s a lot going on. It feels very overwhelming,” Kendall shared. “I crave the complete opposite. I want to be on a farm in Wyoming with a ton of animals, getting wasted. The drunk part is cool.”

kendall jenner
Kendall Jenner at an 818 event. (Sophie Sahara/Mega)

Even though Kendall wanted to go home after the pool party, she stayed in Vegas for a few more hours to have a private dinner with a bunch of her friends. “I have hit my Vegas limit,” Kendall said. “We are wrapping up our day with a nice dinner with all of my friends, some of which have been here for the Grammys. This dinner is definitely more my speed, in a private room with all my friends and just really chill.”

At the end of the trip, Kendall reflected on her career and where she’s at. “I’m ten years into my modeling career. I love modeling and I still want to do it, but in this whole process, I’ve found that I really want to be a businesswoman,” Kendall revealed. “I love being a businesswoman. It makes me very happy. I feel very empowered by it. I feel like I’m becoming my own woman. I’ve been working on just separating my anxiety from my work.”

source: hollywoodlife.com