Jeremy Clarkson 'doesn't care' about heating costs and says others can ‘adapt to the cold'

Clarkson’s Farm presenter Jeremy Clarkson, 62, has made the bold statement that the increase in gas prices “doesn’t bother” him. He has also insisted that others can learn not to feel the cold like him amid Britain’s urgent cost of living crisis.

In his latest column, Jeremy remarked: “Gas price increases? They don’t bother me, as I won’t be needing gas. Heating oil is three times more than it was three years ago? Don’t care.

“If you sit in a fridge for an hour, the kitchen will feel positively hot when you climb out,” he insisted.

“And if you keep the windows open, it’ll feel toasty warm when you close them. In short, forget 75F. Make 62F your new normal.

“You may think that you could never live like this, but I think you can. You just need to retrain your body,” he told The Sun readers.

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Earlier in the piece, Jeremy explained that his Yorkshire-born father “didn’t like wasting money” when it came to putting on the heating.

He then recalled how he “learned to like being cold” after his dad told him he should go to bed and get under some blankets when he kept complaining about the chill.

Jeremy also claimed that he keeps his air-conditioning in the car turned on, even in cold weather.

Admitting he “hates being hot”, he also insisted that he is “revelling” in liking the cold this year.

“While you are sitting in front of your thermostat, wondering whether you can afford to turn it up a bit, my windows are wide open,” he wrote simply.

Jeremy’s comments come as Britain is facing a serious cost of living crisis, where some will be faced with the decision of heating their homes or feeding their families this winter.

On Friday 26 August, Ofgem announced its latest review of the energy price cap, with the maximum amount utility providers can charge their standard tariff customers in the UK rising by 80% to £3,549 a year from the start of this month.

Analysts from Cornwall Insight have predicted the situation will only get worse, forecasting future increases to £4,200 and £5,300 in subsequent quarters as global gas prices surge.

There are multiple reasons for the financial strain on households across Britain, with Vladimir Putin’s invasion of Ukraine and the effects of the coronavirus pandemic acting as major contributing factors.

A number of support measures have been announced by the government to support Britain’s most vulnerable groups, including low-income families, pensioners and those with disabilities.

The measures include reducing household energy bills by £400, as well as a £650 one-off payment for around eight million households on means-tested benefits.

New Chancellor of the Exchequer Jeremy Hunt will be taking over all matters of fiscal policy, taxation and public spending after former Chancellor Kwasi Kwarteng was fired yesterday after just 38 days in the role.

Jeremy Clarkson is best known as the former host of the BBC’s popular show Top Gear, which he co-presented with fellow car lovers Richard Hammond and James May.

After leaving the BBC show in 2015, the three went on to film The Grand Tour with Amazon Prime.

Since then, he has found new success with his Amazon Prime show Clarkson’s Farm, which follows his journey to becoming an established farmer in the Cotswolds with the help of local man Kaleb Cooper.

The star’s longtime girlfriend Lisa Hogan, 50, also joins him on the show to help out at Diddly Squat Farm.