Upstate New York mom arrested for letting 10-year-old son get tattoo: cops

An Upstate New York state woman was arrested for letting her 10-year-old son get a permanent tattoo, cops said.

Crystal Thomas, 33, allegedly let the youngster get his name in big block letters in a procedure done at a “transient” hotel in the town of Highland, where Thomas and her two children were staying, according to a report.

She was slapped with a charge of endangering the welfare of a child for allowing her son to get “a large permanent ink tattoo on his body,” according to local police.

In addition to the charges for Thomas, cops are now on the hunt for the amateur artist who inked up the kid.

The boy got the tattoo from a man unsupervised in a room next door to where Thomas and her kids had been staying for weeks, Lloyd police Chief James Janso told the Daily Mail.

“She wasn’t in the room with him,” Janso reportedly said.

Cops were alerted to the situation when the 10-year-old went to school and asked the school nurse for Vaseline to put on the tattoo, according to the Mail.

Child Protective Services removed the 10-year-old and another child from Thomas, the publication reported.

It’s illegal in New York to give a tattoo to someone under 18 years old even with parental consent, according to state law.

Thomas was given an appearance ticket and is due back in court Oct. 20, cops said.

Highland is in Ulster County, about two hours north of New York City.