TikToker Mikayla Nogueira Addresses Her Past Comments About Influencers Working Long Hours

She also noted that her job is “absolutely not” harder than that of a neurosurgeon or teacher, saying, “Anyone who watched me every day knows that I f–king love my job.”

Mikayla went on to vow to “show my gratitude” moving forward, but announced that she will be stepping away from content creation for a while to focus on healing her “deteriorated” mental health. “I will absolutely be back,” she promised, before noting that her hiatus is unrelated to the recent online drama. “I don’t want to lose myself completely, you know? So, I’m going to go away for a while. I’m gonna get treatment. I’m gonna get help because my depression is just not good.”

Mikayla added, “I just want be the best Mikayla I can be and, right now, I’m not a very good version of myself.”

source: eonline.com