Meghan King Reveals She Was "Horrified" After Seeing Results of Her Nose Job for the First Time

New face, who dis?

One month after undergoing nose job, Meghan King took to social media confessing tat she wasn’t initially sold on her results.

On Sept. 30, the former Real Housewives of Orange County star shared a throwback video on her Instagram Stories of her undergoing a post-op exam, giving fans a glimpse into her surgical experience. In the clip, filmed seven days after her rhinoplasty, Meghan gets a bandage taken off her nose—what she called the “big reveal”—and sees her new face for the first time.

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In a follow-up video, Meghan, 38, admitted she was initially “stunned” by what she saw, saying she thought her nose looked wider than it was before the procedure. “I wasn’t prepared for how much swelling there would be,” she said. “I had a vasovagal reaction. I puked. I was completely horrified.”

However, later that day, the swelling went down and Meghan said she was “blown away by the difference after just a few hours.”