Weekend rally in Seattle will show support for Iranian women protesting mandatory hijab law

Women in Iran are leading a nationwide protest against the mandatory hijab law, following the death of 22-year-old Mahsa Amini in police custody.

She was picked up by the Iranian morality police for improperly wearing her hijab.

People across the globe are now coming together for a nationwide day of action, Saturday, Oct. 1.

“Everyone from around the world has united and is calling out what is happening in Iran. So we’re going to have people who are Iranian and non-Iranians. Churches reached out, and they wanted to help, and some other American activists have reached out. It’s going to be everyone from all ages coming together to protest what’s happening in Iran.”

While access to the internet has been cut off by the government, Iranian Americans are doing what they can to support those who are risking their lives on the streets by organizing protests and raising awareness to what’s happening inside Iran.

“We are going to continue fighting until Iranians are fighting on the streets for their freedom of expression. We’re just going to gather here, we’re going to chant things they’re chanting in Iran to again continue echoing their voice,” said protester Saghar Amini.

Ever since the revolution 44 years ago, it has been mandatory for women to wear the hijab in public. Now, many are demanding change.

“Women deserve to be supported everywhere, and I’m happy to see that. We’re all here to support the people of Iran, and it’s nice to see that people care,” said protester Nilu Jenks.

source: yahoo.com