Brewing beer you can't drink is a special form of simulator self-torture

It must be really hard to think up an original simulator. It seems that almost every job that involves some form of physical work is now painstakingly reconstructed on PC. From farming to driving trucks and beyond—I’ve even seen a Food Truck simulator about. But Brewmaster brings the simulation magic to beer brewing, and it’s not only fun but it’s also educational. 

As with many food based simulators, you start in a kitchen. The kitchen I’m in is quite nice actually. Dark wood interiors, a gorgeous sunny atmosphere created by skylights, shelves for the oodles of beers I’m ready to create and a singular tiny, little gas hob which seems hilariously out of place. Of course for gameplay purposes I expect this will upgrade eventually and you don’t want to feel overwhelmed by multiple beers on the go, but I still laughed at this semi Grand Design home’s cooker inexplicably missing three of the four hobs you’d expect. 

And as with many food based simulators you’ve got a guide. Someone happy to help you on your journey to becoming a brewmaster, as the game name suggests. This dude is Jeff, and he writes his name like a five year old would at the bottom of typed instructions for you. Jeff’s nice, a good dude helping you one step at a time, and he also happens to like an IPA which is why he’s in the beer world.

Brewmaster's cellar

(Image credit: Fireshine Games)

One of his letters to you gets rather poetic, stating: “Brewing is an art with endless possibilities, where true mastery can take a lifetime. Yet at its heart it’s wonderfully simple: anyone can pick up a brew pot, throw a few ingredients together, and create a tasty, thirst-quenching beer to share with friends and family.” Aww, you big softy Jeff. But I think you’ll find that I am absolutely capable of fucking things up.