The Old Man’s Jeff Bridges on ‘most physical role’: ‘More fight scenes than all my films!'

“The capper is… I open a letter from the treatment centre where I get my chemo, and it says, ‘It’s possible you have been exposed to Covid’.

“That turned out to be true, and the Covid made my cancer look like nothing.

“In the chemo treatment, you strip your immune system so I had nothing to fight the Covid. I was very close to death a couple of times. I didn’t think I was going to work again.

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“But two years later I show up to work like it’s been a long weekend! Like, ‘Guys, I’ve had the most bizarre dream!’”

Thankfully, not only was Jeff able to make a full recovery to begin work on The Old Man again, he’ll soon be returning to California to get started on the thriller’s second season.

The Old Man premieres Wednesday, September 28 on Disney+ in the UK.