Gundam Evolution feels like Overwatch with Gundam costumes, but it works

Inside of me are two wolves: the Gundam superfan and the year one Overwatch enjoyer. Gundam Evolution (opens in new tab) has thrown these dormant forces into tragic conflict, clashing beam sabers in a pitched battle for supremacy over my mind. There’s no getting around it—this is Gundam: Overwatch, with every mode, mobile suit, map, mechanic, and idea here derivative of Blizzard’s FPS.

After a few days of playtime, I can glibly report that Gundam Evolution doesn’t make you feel like you’re piloting a Gundam (if you’re looking for a nauseatingly faithful Gundam game, you’re better holding out for Gundam: Battle Operation 2 dropping later this year), but it nonetheless excels as a hero shooter, even if some of the series’ identity has been lost in the translation from anime to live service game.