This cheery, Hexen-like FPS declares war on goblins

As reported by Alpha Beta Gamer (opens in new tab), the retro-style FPS Wizordum (opens in new tab) recently got its first playable demo as part of the 2022 Realm’s Deep event. This fantasy-themed boomer shooter takes its cues from Raven Software’s Heretic and Hexen, and has you fling fireballs at goblins in an overrun medieval town.

Wizordum’s ace in the hole is definitely its art style. The game has a really colorful, cartoony sort of look, almost like developer Emberheart Games covered Hexen in frosting. It almost reminds me of those Doom WADs or CounterStrike maps people make of the Simpsons House (opens in new tab) or Bikini Bottom (opens in new tab).