Russian jet shot down by US 'Stinger' missile in huge explosion caught on film

The Ukrainian Minister of Defence has praised Western nations for providing advanced missile systems to Kyiv in support of the war against Russia. Oleksii Reznikov released a video of a Kremlin jet being shot down from the sky to evidence the effectiveness of American Stinger missiles in the conflict. In the clip, the missile is seen making contact with the aircraft over the Kharkiv region before the plane rapidly spirals to the ground, exploding a huge plume of flames and thick black smoke as it makes contact. The news comes as President Zelensky has lobbied international allies of Ukraine to continue the provision of military aid after Vladimir Putin ordered the mobilisation of an additional 300,000 troops.

Writing on Twitter, the Ukrainian Defence Minister said: “Ten months ago, in Washington DC, I asked for Stingers for the Ukrainian Armed Forces and heard ‘It’s impossible’ many times.

“Today a Russian SU-30 jet was shot down by a Ukrainian Stinger in the Kharkiv region – so, the impossible is indeed possible.”

The US-manufactured Stinger is a portable air defence system capable of striking targets up to four kilometres away.

The Biden Administration has committed to providing Ukraine with over 1,400 Stinger anti-aircraft systems in order to continue the defence against the Russian invasion.

Addressing the UN General Assembly, President Zelensky told world leaders: “We need defence support – weapons, military equipment and shells.

“Offensive weapons, long-range weapons to liberate our land and defensive systems, above all, air defence.”

According to the Ukrainian Ministry of Defence, 259 Russian military jets have been destroyed in the conflict, in addition to a further 220 helicopters.

Oryx, an independent analyst for defence intelligence, reported at least 58 Russian aircraft losses had been confirmed through the use of video and photographic proof.

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In a pivotal moment for the war, Vladimir Putin has announced a partial mobilisation of Russian reserve forces will take place over the coming weeks, set to generate an additional 300,000 troops for the frontline in Ukraine. 

The Ukrainian President denounced the Kremlin’s decision to mobilise, suggesting Vladimir Putin’s decree was proof Moscow had no intention to seek peace negotiations to end the war.

The UK Ministry of Defence reported: “Russia is likely to struggle with the logistical and administrative challenges of even mustering the 300,000 personnel.”

An intelligence report claimed the mobilisation order had exposed Russia’s lack of willing volunteers to continue the “special military operation” to bring Ukraine under the control of the Russian Federation.

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