Mrs Doubtfire Robin Williams deleted scenes will make you sob

“Why can’t you just pretend?” Lydia (played by Lisa Jakub) asks him. “Pretend to be Mrs Doubtfire and Pudgy the Bird and all those other things. Why can’t you and mum just pretend to be happy?”

“We probably could,” her father wearily replies.  “Then we’d still be a family,” she cries.

No wonder they cut this from the film. It’s piercingly dark and gut-wrenching and yet the scene still manages to get even sadder.

“Yeah, we would be, but we’d be a pretend family, you know?’ Daniel explains. “It wouldn’t be real. You’d know. We’d be acting and you can’t act 24 hours a day. Life’s more real and wonderful than that. Acting is nice but it’s a job”

“And it’s your job to be our father,” Lydia shouts.