PSVR 2's Lack Of Backward Compatibility Is A Necessary Sacrifice

TG: Sony has confirmed that the upcoming PlayStation VR 2 will not be backward compatible for existing games across the medium. This means that, at least out of the box, none of the existing games available for its predecessor will work with the headset. Not just a case of lacking compatibility or some funny business due to the different technology, none of them will work at all. All of these games you bought and invested time in are now forfeit.

On the surface this really sucks, and is a massive oversight for a space in games that remains difficult for casual audiences to adopt. PlayStation VR was a huge success, and was clearly responsible for so many jumping into this environment for the first time. I threw my parents into Job Simulator and Superhot before watching their little minds get blown because of how much this innovative new frontier is capable of. Until the release of Oculus Quest 2, this was as good as virtual reality got, and now all that hard work has been torn aw…