Texas Chain Saw Massacres 3v4 PvP Is a Great Match With the License – IGN

From IGN: “Adapting the classic 1974 horror movie Texas Chain Saw Massacre into an asymmetrical multiplayer game might seem odd on the surface particularly when the team setup isnt the same 4v1 weve become accustomed to with the popular Dead by Daylight, but instead the even stranger-sounding 4v3 arrangement. It works exceptionally well in practice, though, creating a tactical, tense, team-based multiplayer experience that favors brains over brawn. Whether youre on the Victim team of four trying to escape, or the serial-killing Family trio trying to cut them down, Texas Chain Saw Massacres tweak to the asymmetrical multiplayer format already plays great, and the 4v3 format is a great match for the movie license its built around.”

source: gamezpot.com