'Natural' way to banish mould from your washing machine – you should do this 'monthly'

Cleaning the inside of your washing machine is a task which should be undertaken once a month, according to TV’s Queen of Clean Lynsey Crombie. Despite this, research from AEG found that the washing machine is one appliance British households put off cleaning for much longer periods of time.

According to the research, over 63 percent of UK residents leave their washing machine for long stints before giving it any sort of clean inside.

Warm temperatures, soil and bacteria from clothes, detergent and fabric softener residue, as well as the dark environment of your washing machine drum, makes the perfect environment for mould to grow.

Although there are plenty of cleaning products available to keep the inside of your machine drum sparkling, Lynsey explained how adding white vinegar and soda crystals into your “monthly cleaning routine” can help to keep mould spores and other residue build-ups at bay. 

She regularly posts tips to her many TikTok followers (@lynsey_queenofclean) and on her Instagram account (@lynsey_queenofclean). 

She said: “If you would prefer a natural solution use soda crystal, pour 500g direct into the drum and put on the hottest cycle.

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When tackling the inside of your washing machine, it’s crucial not to forget the smaller components, such as the detergent drawer.

Lynsey said: “Remove the drawer and knock out any build-up product this normally gets stuck if you are using a powder rather than a liquid.

“Then soak it in a solution of warm soapy water, if you have any black spots this is mould so add in a few drops of white vinegar too.”

You can use an old toothbrush to get into any crevices of the drawer which might be hard to reach.

Ensure the drawer is completely dry before placing it back into your washing machine.

Make sure to give the detergent drawer housing a wipe-down before returning the drawer. This can be done using a damp cloth.

If you prefer to use shop-bought products, Lynsey also shared some of her favourites for tackling the washing machine.

She explained: “There are many washing machine cleaning products you can buy in the supermarket.

“I recommend Dr Beckmann and the Vamoosh ones as these both give amazing results.”

source: express.co.uk