Tony Adams inspired to do Strictly after suffering 'mental breakdown' and addiction

The star’s struggles came when he was just 17. Describing that he got “pi**** every day” in order to suppress his feeling during a spell on the sidelines, Tony’s reliance on alcohol stayed with him well into his football career.

His success on the pitch, winning two First Division titles, one FA Cup and League Cups between 1986 and 1993, was marred by his problems with alcohol, which led to several incidents at nightclubs and also a four-month stint behind bars for drink-driving in 1990.

Having faced severe problems with his mental health and physical health due to the amount of alcohol and drugs he was consuming, Tony fought to get sober. In 1996 he remarked that he had “got his career back”.

Back in 2020 during an interview with talkSPORT Breakfast Tony shared: “It’s not part of my being today, it’s not a thing. It’s been removed from me.