Popular drink can help reduce the risk of diabetes by 17% study suggests

Another of those foods, according to the Defeat Diabetes Foundation, is guava. A common tropical fruit, guavas are available in most large supermarkets.

The DDF says: “Guavas have also been directly connected to helping prevent type 2 diabetes: a recent study showed that eating guavas can help to lower and regulate blood glucose levels. Guavas are very low in glycemic index and glycemic load, making them an extremely healthy food for diabetics and those most at risk for developing diabetes.

“Even the leaves of the guava tree, which are gaining popularity as a tea, have shown promise as a natural treatment for diabetes, and as a tool for preventing type 2 diabetes as well.”

The study the DDF references was conducted in 2016 by the All India Institute of Medical Sciences. The aim of their study was to identify the potential benefits of guava in the prevention of diabetes.

source: express.co.uk