Temtem review

Need to know

What is it?  A monster-taming RPG in the vein of Pokémon with a bustling shared online world.
Expect to pay: $45/£40
Release date: September 6, 2022
Developer: Crema
Publisher: Humble Games
Reviewed on: Windows 11, Nvidia 2080 Ti, Intel i9-9900k @ 4.9ghz, 32gb RAM
Multiplayer? Yes (cross-platform always-on multiplayer, co-op and PvP)
Link: Official site (opens in new tab)

Let’s not beat around the long grass here: Temtem is a Pokémon clone by design. Small Spanish studio Crema aimed to make something immediately familiar and accessible to fans of Nintendo’s monster-collecting JRPG series, while leaving room for some bold new ideas of their own. Since the developers assume you already know your pidgeys from your pikachus, I will too, making it easier to break down what Temtem does differently, for better or worse.

For starters, Temtem is an MMO. Kinda. You won’t be stepping on other’s toes while exploring as interaction with other players is limited to chat, emoting and challenging to battles, but the overworld is a bustling place filled with players and their pets. While geared for solo play, the entire story can be played cooperatively with a friend, and the endgame offers plenty of opportunity for groups to go dungeon-crawling together.

source: gamezpot.com