‘Was in pain!’ Steph McGovern’s fear filming BBC Breakfast due to undiagnosed illness

In fact, their partnership was so transformative for Steph, that the star has now invested in Julia’s start-up company Neuron, which has opened a new wellness centre in Folkestone, Kent.

“Julia’s programme has totally transformed my life,” Steph gushed. “I know that sounds really dramatic, but my IBS is really debilitating.

“Now my IBS is in total control and I very rarely now have any problems.”

Julia and Steph are now on a mission to encourage individuals to adopt healthier lifestyles, using techniques such as intermittent fasting, introducing variety into your diet, improving sleep patterns, cold water exposure and breathing practices.

The Neuron smart wellness hub and live bacteria bar is located in the Creative Quarter at 23-25 Tontine Street, Folkestone, Kent CT20 1JU.

For more info about Neuron’s smart wellness courses and products including gut health tests please visit www.neuronwellness.com

source: express.co.uk