Sèchey Offers Tastes of Nonalcoholic Beverages in the West Village

If picking a wine can be challenging, try the nonalcoholic versions. The usual benchmarks, like grape variety or region, are often not given or do not strongly influence the end result. Emily Heintz, a retail entrepreneur, opened Sèchey in 2021 in Charleston, S.C., a nonalcoholic beverage store with a tasting counter, to help customers assess the options. Her New York branch, a well-stocked shop with canned and bottled drinks and accessories, a couple of counters, and seating inside and out, makes its debut on Wednesday. “It’s about learning and discovery,” Ms. Heintz said of the nonalcoholic options, which she believes are steadily improving. Some samples are offered for tasting, and flights of three are $10. Eventually she hopes to hire a bartender to show how nonalcoholic spirits can be used.

Sèchey, 632 Hudson Street (Jane Street).

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source: nytimes.com